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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few Quickies

  1. I've had a pretty crazy week so I haven't been able to sit down for long in order to write anything,but here are a few "quickies" recapping.
    Still trying to Potty train The"LO" but have come to realize he will do it when he is ready.

  2. Booked a trip to see my family this summer. I am super excited but nervous because we are flying with both kids for the first time. Should be interesting. Any pointers?

  3. Tried a great "Healthy" Shepard's pie recipes from Women's day using a mashed "sweet potatoes"mixed with instant mashed potatoes as a topping...Double yum!

  4. Garden is coming along. Seems the rabbits have decided to detour our garden. But it hasn't rained in a few so watering has been a must,and with the heat and mosquitoes has not been fun.

  5. Was at the gym today and dropped a 45# weight on my foot because some putz forgot to re rack the weights, I walked it off and was beginning to feel better. A little while ago in a frenzy to get kids in the bath and in bed kicked one of the "Lo's" trucks with the same foot and now have a swollen foot,not sure what's going to happen with that.

  6. Getting a little nervous but having complete faith in God because "Lo's" Pediatric Cardiologist apt for his VSD is coming up on June.1. He hasn't been symptomatic so the doctor has not had any worries but last time his heart walls did show some thickening and that was a little bit of a concern to the doctor so please keep him in your prayers. :O)

  7. Looking forward to a block party this weekend. Always up for some good time with good friends and lots of fun. Hope you all have a happy and Blessed Weekend!!!

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