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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Brake for Garage Sales!

Ok, I have a confession to make but I loooove Garage Sales. It's so funny because when I was younger my parents use to love going to them because they loved antiques and collectibles and so they would stop at any garage sale they found just to see if they found a treasure. As any other Typical teen I would roll my eyes and wait in the car, I would die if anyone caught me at one of those! Well,ever since I had kids I have realized that I have an addiction to these things! I get so excited when the weather starts warming up not only because of the prospect of not having the kids locked up in the house anymore but because of the impending excitement of all the great Garage Sales coming our way soon!

Today I went to quite a few around town and was able to get a few good buys. From Pampered chef items from $1-5 to some beautiful Laura Ashley, Gymboree,Childrens Place and Gap dresses in brand new condition for $.25-3.I think my best purchase ever was this one slide and swing set I had seen everywhere for at least $150.00 I got for a mere $20.00. You should have seen me trying to pack that into my little trunk...the Bob Villa in me came out! What is one of the best purchases you have made? Or are you one of those that thinks Garage sales aren't for you? Let me know!


Aussie Therese said...

I'm not really into garage sales but I remember when a friend of a friend was having one before she moved. I went and asked her if she was taking her cot. She said that she did want to sell it and it was in great condition. I got it for $40.00. I think brand new it would have cost me over $200.00 so I was very happy with that purchase.

Lerin said...

Garage sales can be a STEAL! Lots of times, people are just looking to get rid of their stuff rather than trying to make money, and used kids items are GREAT finds at garage sales. :) You've got me hankering for one now... lol.

lolit said...

yes i love garage sale too, why? because that's where i got my signature slacks,lol.we have a lot here in the phils.

Mom E said...

You definitely can find some great bargains! Thanks for sharing ladies! Also,Lolit,Thanks for sharing about the Garage Sales in the's so interesting to learn about what happens in other countries :O)

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