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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is a Piece of Paper worth more than a Human Life?

Today came and went and I could not be more in shock yet not surprised at the ridiculousness and hypocrisy that happen at Notre Dame University. Praying,watching and waiting I couldn't believe the treatment of priests that protested President Barack Obama's visit, the booing and treatment of the protesters and the fact that the Catholic Student body accepted this and went on. Did all these present who didn't fight his visit give up their birthright for a bowl of lentils? Was the glamour of having such a "star" worth a negative strike in the eyes of God? I think this event today was bigger than many want to see. It was a solidarity of many Catholics expressing their acceptance of what is wrong in our society. Many argue that BO may not stand for the pro life movement and his support of Embryonic stem but those things are trumped by his stance on Social issues as well as immigration issues that "plague"or society and thus makes him a more Catholic Candidate...So what all these high and mighty Catholic Minds are telling us is that a Piece of Paper is worth more than A human life? Is the ability for a person to live illegally in a country more important than that of a Baby?
When abortion first began it was something started to help "protect" those women getting illegal abortions so as to not endanger their lives(not that this was a good thing). And even then it was only done in the first trimester(not that this is any better)...slowly it happen to move on to the second and now third(do we see a trend). What is next? Killing newborns that are born with disabilities? Killing the elderly or those who can no longer take care of themselves? Oh wait...that is starting through Euthanasia. When will the killings of certain races begin,or ethnicity's happen? or religions? It all sounds crazy but didn't abortion sound crazy 40 years ago? If we cant protect the lives of our smallest most helpless individuals and respect the importance of their lives than how are we as a humanity expected to survive? or exist? What separates us from Animals? Shame on Notre Dame for allowing this display. Shame on All the faculty and students for allowing this to happen. Most important Shame on us all for not doing more to discourage this from happening. Today I am sure our lady shed a tear..if not many for her sweet Notre Dame.


Arley said...

Unfortunately, the society we now live in doesn't care about anything but their rights as Americans. That means killing an unborn child because it was a "mistake" has become the norm and if anyone doesn't like it, they can go lump it. Kind of like how the "gay community" is taking over and moving in. Our society has taken a turn for the worse and our current president is the ring leader. I'm not so sure there is anything anyone can do. We are considered the select few that disapprove of abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research. It would take a miracle to change the future of this country.

Mom E said...

You are so right! What was once right is now wrong and what was once wrong is now right. :O(

lolit said...

wow now i can make a comment, yesterday i could not make a comment though comment section is already available,anyway good that it came back....i agree totally to what you have posted,sad, sad, the world is fast deteriorating, I'm not surprised "sign of the times" is here now,it's all in the scriptures.

Lerin said...

"Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good."

Oh Lord, we are a wicked people!


Mom E said...

That's all we can do now,is pray. Not only for conversions but for strength in what's coming. :(

SAHMinIL said...

yes I know...

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