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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Banning lemonade Stands? I'd like to see them try!

Summer is synonymous with lemonade stands,or at least it use to be.....
I've been seeing more and more on the news how police or officials came upon an unsuspecting child with a lemonade stand and shut it down. The first time I read it I couldn't believe it! It made me realize how far removed from reality we've become as a society.How something so innocent as a lemonade stand is now being persecuted due to some health code or taxation law. It made me sad because it also made me realize that many of the things we did growing up might become taboo or actually have become taboo for our children. I understand that many of the things we did are considerably dangerous and we are living in a society that seems to have more malice than the society many of us grew up with,nevertheless it made me think of how many things our children won't be able to do.
That being said a few weeks ago we had a garage sale and my little tadpoles decided they were going to have a lemonade stand. What was funny was the first thing that came out of my husband's mouth was,"let's just hope they don't close it down" (since we have a few county sheriffs that enjoy driving around our neighborhood looking for infractions of some sort in order to recoup some funds for their department) Thankfully the sale went without a hitch,however,the rebel in me was hoping that someone dared to come in and "tried" to close shop on the lemonade stand. Not because of me,not because of my husband but because of our 3 year old Princess Gigi.
Now Gigi is the queen of pitching a fit so loud you can probably hear it in Singapore and that little girl had her heart set on the lemonade stand. She was well aware of the monetary profits one would acquire during said lemonade stand. She did an excellent job at batting her BIG BROWN eyes at everyone who set foot in our garage scoping out trinkets and treasures. I would have loved to see the match Gigi vs The SYSTEM because chances are one of them would have broken and it wouldn't have been Gigi. Maybe if they came across a Gigi they would think twice about shutting down lemonade stands or any said stand. I'd like to see them try....buahahahaha

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