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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Super Mom?

Living far away from family makes things very hard sometimes...ok a lot of the time.

When I was pregnant with the Bumbum I had a severe gallstone attack almost sending me in for emergency Gallbladder removal surgery(200 miles away since I was pregnant and it would be a highrisk surgery possibly causing delivery of the baby at 25 weeks). At the time I had 2 little ones under 3 and my husband had just opened up a new business and of course we lived about 2000 miles away from family making this literally the hardest times we faced as a married couple. This is of course an extrememe situation but looking at my daily life my situations are usually up there with extreme.

I also see some of my supermom neighbors that have military spouses that are deployed and realize they have en equal to or harder plight than that of a restaurant owner wife :) I know many times as stay at home moms we are judged; sometimes because we decided to take that undertaking on and giving up our "hopes,dreams and careers" to take care of kids. In my case people usually nod their head half understanding/half sympathetically when I tell them I stay at home with my 3 under 5. I always smile and say it's not that bad but I know people look at my like I'm CRAZY and you know what half of the time I think I am! I know my biggest flaw in all of this is that I don't ask for help,whether to prove a point as to how powerful my super abilities are or due to the fact that I am embarrassed to. I know one of my supermom neighbors gets mad when I get caught in a predicament and don't ask her for help and usually end up in something reminiscent of an I Love Lucy episode,but alas it is who I am :)
I read a neat write up by a fellow supermom Jennifer Fulwiler about how Stay-at home mom's need help and it made me realize or at least vocalize the fact that yeah..we do and It's ok to ask :) Being so far from family and having a husband who works 35 hours a day makes my job even more difficult. I have been blessed because my kids are attending an amazing preschool in a few weeks freeing up a couple of hours a day but come next year we are being faced with the probablity of homeschooling our son for pre school. It's something we had never thought about (at least not me)in my wildest dreams but with the disgusting public schools in this area(If I had a dog I wouldn't send it into some of these buildings) and in order to send our son to the local parochial school we would probably have to sell bum bum. So this is something we might consider..either way thanks Jennifer for opening my eyes up to the fact that it's ok to ask for help and not feel guilt about it :) And for you Supermoms out there keep doing what your doing and if your gut tells you it's ok then don't second guess yourselves :)


Gardenia said...

Hello Mom E. thanks for stopping by my blog. you have a lovely beautiful family and a lovely blog. God bless. Nice to meet you!

Mom E said...

Thank you!! Nice to meet you too and thanks for stopping by as well :) God bless!

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