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Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes Volume.4

It's Friday and I got mine in a little late today but it's been a busy day today. Like always I'm linked up to Conversion Diary. So Make sure you click back and check out all the great blogs linked up to this Meme.
I finally found the perfect chocolate chips. Yes I've been on a mission lately to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie and thus needed the perfect chocolate chips. The winner:

They are pricey at 3.57 a bag but today I found them on sale at 2.99 which made me very happy!
Happy 1st day of Fall! Today Gigi, Bummie and I went to a Fall craft show here in town while the Lo was at school. We got a few nice things. I got Gigi a couple of hair bands and I got a nice fall potpourri.As well as got Kettle corn from the guy who sells it at every festivity in town. Always a nice treat. Gigi also got a few little baby pumpkins for all of us. They were 5x2.00 so she got one for each member of the family.

These are some of my favorite Fall things!
October is St.Therese's Feast day,Strudel& Spice by Gold canyon and "Our little Pumpkin Family"

And of course Pumpkin Spice Coffee :)

I've enjoyed this fall weather tremendously. If Kansas was always like this life would be grand.
I'm going to start making kefir, I will be ordering the grains and getting going. We are going through at least a gallon a week and it's simply too expensive to keep buying made. My husband likes the idea of saving money but isn't too keen on making it ourselves...let's see how it goes. I tried it once and it was an Epic fail..this time around I will give it a lot more attention.I've been reserching and found the best place to get them at Cultures for Health, They have a lot of neat starters there I will start with the Kefir and work my way up.
We have caterpillars! Well our friend at That Honey do List and wonderful Neighbor found us some since the kids had been on a mission to see some caterpillars turn into Butterflies. Lo wanted to piggy back off the fact that since God made him special, God also made these Caterpillars special for him and they would become Special butterflies. He's such a cutie I could eat him up!!

It was a winning week for me! I won this Vera Bradley Bag through a local store

and got the cutest Apron from a friend!

I am not a Domestic Goddess I just play one online...:)


Jamie Jo said...

You are so beautiful!!! It's nice to see you!!

your kiddos are cute.
I'm not even going to pretend to know what kefir is. Never heard of it except Keifer Sutherland. Does it have anything to do with him? (didn't think so)

Love all the fall things, it is a nice time of year isn't it? I think Kansas has milder winters than Minnesota, right? We love our falls here, because of what we know is coming.

Conservamom said...

HA! No nothing to do with Kefir Sutherland...even though that's what I thought when I first heard about it. Here is a link to one of the "commercial brands"but it's pretty neat and great for your health.

Conservamom said...

Aww and thanks! I am nowhere weight wise where I want to be but I guess that's life right??lol

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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