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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Really Mr.Freeman???

There's nothing more that I hate in life than someone with an opinion on something they know nothing about..However, I regress and say there is something I hate more and that's a Hollywood star who feels since they played a role on a movie that gives them the immense knowledge to play that role in real life.
Yesterday I saw a snippet on the interview from "Piers Morgan Tonight"on Morgan Freeman and that thought couldn't help popping into my head. I have always LOVED Mr.Freeman in all his movies. He really is one of the best actors out there. That being said It irks me to see him make these ridiculous statements on Racism and on the Tea Party without true knowledge on the matter. I do not profess to be part of "Tea Party movement" but I do sympathize with much of their ideas as for the true intent of our government and the far removal of the ideals in which this country was founded. So to equate them to racists because of their disagreements with the president is to prolong the racist mentality in this country. Here is the snippet I'm talking about. What do you think??


Gardenia said...

oh a very sad commentary Morgan Freeman has made.

Jamie Jo said...

Really? Wow. I can't believe he's making the outcome of the election, if Obama loses, racial.

I really think we are past that now.

Those actors have such power in the words they choose and things they choose to follow. Pretty sad.

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