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Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes No.9

Wow it's been a crazy week and most important filled with so many emotions and blessings :)
For starters if you didn't catch my post this week :
Yup! I've got a little Bun in the oven! #4 to be exact :) I am really excited and looking forward to adding another little blessing to our family. I am only a few weeks along and not due until June so a big Facebook announcement hasn't been made. I am ready for the "slack" i'll get from my 1.5 kids friends but alas,I'll have more kids to change my diapers when I'm old so It's all good :)

Princess Gigi is really a charachter a few weeks ago I talked about her many outfits well I am going to talk about her famous picture face. It seems WHENEVER I take a picture she makes this face:

and our personal favorite family picture:

Ok,After a week of Cloth Diapering, I'm in LOVE! I love the designs and I love the savings. We were blessed to get a huge lot from my sister in law,and I've purchased a few things here and there about 100.00 worth. Thinking about the fact that if all goes well that's all I'll need in order to cloth Bummie for the rest of her Diapering Career and possibly half of what I'll need to cloth little sesame seed in my belly then I'm ecstatic!! :)

We went to a BBQ festival the other day and I had to share this picture of the Bummie. Our friends own one of the restaurants that was there and they agreed she is the perfect poster child for BBQ.What do you think?

We went to our annual pumpkin patch trip. It was a lot of fun,but I have to say we probably picked the most expensive patch in the area -_- it was 10.00 per person and since my in laws were here,well do the math we almost sold one of the kids at the door. However, after driving an hour to get there and getting the kids all riled up to go well we had no choice but to go in(not toself call to make sure the price next year :( . Either way we had a blast.
There was a huge bounce pad where they kids really had some fun!

Angelo got to help in the "Piiig Race"

And the kids personal favorite the Corn sandbox.

Even some livestock got some lovin from my crew :)

So what are your kids dressing up for on halloween? Here is a sneak peek at princess Gigi's outfit :)

So my kids have REALLLY been into Veggie tales lately especially Jonah and the Pirates who don't do anything. Mr. Lo decided to paint a masterpiece of them all and here it is : I just got a kick out of his "detail". If you haven't had a chance to see this with your kids,do,it's such a fun movie!!


Jamiejo99 said...

The pictures of Princess Gigi are hilarious!! Especially that last one, one to look back on for sure when she gets older!!

Congratulations again, such a blessing!! It's always fun to be pregnant at Christmas time!! Maybe that will help with the sickies?

Fun post!

Sandraseaman3476 said...


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