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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In honor of St.Franciss of Assisi

We had a visitor....

Yup that's a little green caterpillar that made it into one of the peppers my awesome neighbor gave me. We found him as we were getting dinner ready.

As you can imagine the kids had so much fun and were very excited to see the little guy!
But alas it was time for him/her to go back home. The kids had fun saying goodbye to it.

Sure makes for teachable moments :)


Jamiejo99 said...

Oh, my gosh!! That thing is sooo big!!

We had a dead squirrel in our driveway today, we think the fox that prowls our backyard got it. Not exactly seeing something beautiful today that's for sure!

We did buy some "Bear Foot" ice cream to celebrate with. (and we had animal crackers for snack today!)

ConservamomE said...

Jamie it scared the Cheese out of me when I first opened the pepper up! The kids heard me yell and of course came running over. They were so excited and wanted to keep I think Bear Foot ice cream is the PERFECT way to celebrate today!lol

michelle @ this little light said...

Phew! Good thing you saw it before you started cooking that pepper!

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