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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Perfection vs Christmas reality

Today I was sitting at the Doctors office and picked up one of those Ladies magazines with all the perfect Christmas tablescapes and decorations and for one minute,for one single minute I thought wow! I could do that,then reality hit....
Christmas Perfection

Christmas Reality 
My children would probably start throwing the ornaments at each other and Bummie would probably eat the middle tinsel....

Christmas Perfection


Christmas Reality
Yeah, I would eat the whole package while making the wreathe....blah...

Christmas Perfection

Christmas Reality
Fact is most of the pieces on that tree would be missing before the end of the day in which it was assembled later to be found in the hole in which Princess Gigi aka Templeton hides everything that's ever gone missing in this house. Including all the door stops and most of my lipsticks.

Christmas Perfection

Christmas Reality
Been there done that and I'm pretty sure Bummie ate a piece of the track.

Who am I kidding?!?! As perfect as all this is, The kisses and hugs I get from my tadpoles makes all of my crazy life worth it....besides,who has time for all that fancy decorating when there's handmade ornaments, Pictures of what looks like angry Apples being passed off as Santa and lots of love all around,yup I'll take that over any old fancy decorations any day :)


Katie H said...

LOL I love that! SO right.

ConservamomE said...

YES! I have to make it out after dark one of these days. The baby goes to bed so early and the hubby's hours are so chaotic that sometimes it makes it near darn impossible to get out,but that is such a neat and fun idea!!!

ConservamomE said...

lol!!! At least you have the Cutest little flower to blame right???

Jamiejo99 said...

Cute post, and so totally true!!!

Gardenia said...

I totally agree! so pretty to look at but not happening in my home!

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