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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary Aba and Papi!

Today would have been my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary. I know they're in Heaven dancing and celebrating. What's sweet  and powerful about their love story is that they made it through so much, they had some of the heaviest things happen to them; The disability of a child, the leaving their beloved Cuba due to political persecution, illness and so much more. Yet, they made it through all loving each other so much.

They got to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary in 1992 because it was my grandmothers dream. In the ultimate show of love my grandfather barely made it,danced the night away and 8 days later decided it was time to hang up his Cuban Flag and go See God in heaven. Today I remember them both an Example of true love something we should all try to aspire to in this day and age where divorce is the norm. Where two people had some of the toughest things happen to them yet they were able to overcome them and love each other even more.
I love you Aba and Papi and miss you tons!
These are a couple of photos they were able to smuggle out of Cuba. A lot was lost because when they left they weren't allowed to take anything with them just the clothes on their backs.

Cuba Circa 1950's-they just don't make dresses like that!


Jamiejo99 said...

Oh, those photos are so beautiful. I love how you wrote that they are dancing in heaven...lovely thought!!

Oh, I bet they had some wonderful stories to tell...

Jennifer Chaos1234 said...

Gorgeous photo's! My grandparents are close to their 65th, but I think it is rare for anyone to make it to 70th. Dancing in heaven is a beautiful thought!

Your prima Lisa said...

Elia, this is so beautiful. What a lucky girl to have been so close to them to share their love with us. I remember them fondly! My Abu and Aba were at the same function and have a similar pose on that couch. Thank you for sharing.

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