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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

With a Cluck cluck here and a moo moo there...

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit a local family owned farm. The first reason being because who wouldn't have a blast visiting a farm. The second reason was to buy some fresh eggs and Raw unpasteurized milk. Come again?Raw Unpasteurized milk? You bet ya! For years I've been reading up on the benefits of Raw Milk vs Unpasteurized as well as how all the amazing bacteria and vitamins that milk has are killed during the pasteurization processes.

So after lots and lots of research and an amazing chance meeting with an amazing little old lady I found out about a farm that sells Raw Milk and fresh eggs. I think I've come a long long way to get to this point because I always assumed that pasteurization equaled healthy milk but the more I've read the more I've become convinced we need to go back to what God intended milk to be. Raw milk has actually become illegal in countries like Canada but it's very ironic because Queen Elizabeth only drinks Raw Milk and actually made it a point to make it easily accessible to her grandsons when they were away at school.
But I'm not here to convince you on the benefits. It's been a long road for me to get to this point the next step was to actually find a place that is clean and willing to sell it.So we came across Chrisy's Farm which sells raw milk legally from her house as well as eggs,and other handmade goodies.
It was about 10 minutes from our house which made it even better!

As soon as we got there the troop decided to run free like the rest of the farm animals. They had a blast. Gigi had a little conformations with an angry rooster she insisted he though she was a "Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich"and wanted to eat her all up. 

The kids had a real treat! Living in a town with no real access to farm animals this was such a neat experience!

Here are some of the fun shots from yesterday!

Our delicious goodies!


1 comment:

anamc said...

How neat! I've never had raw milk. But my dad lived on a farm in Mexico and he talked about how he used to squirt the milk directly from the teet into his mouth.
They also drank, and still continue to drink goat's milk. Which I've never tried either.

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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