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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gigi's Flower Girl Debut

This weekend we had the honor of attending a really great couples wedding and not only attending but having Gigi debut as a Flower Girl. It was such a neat and fun day for us all and Princess Gigi really did a great job at showing off her Skills!

Here is the Princess Before the Wedding ready to do her thing :) 

Here is the Beautiful Bride and Princess Gigi. Sorry for the quality it was taken with my cell phone but I couldn't resist this cute moment.

Here's Gigi, Funny story...the little flower ball she had before the wedding fell and literally exploded into a million flowers so with some quick thinking from the Bride's mom they got all the flowers in to a basket and had her carry that instead :)

The Ring bearer decided he was done walking down the aisle but Princess Gigi tugged him along until he made it to the Altar :) 

 There she is dutiful carrying her role out.

What's a wedding without the bubbles of fun! 

 My two men looking so handsome!

Our little Family! As well as me @ 15 weeks pregnant! 

 Daddy and Daughter dancing :)

Enjoying some fun before the big people come out to dance :)
 A great time was had by all!! Congratulations to Justin and Erin!!


Jamiejo99 said...

Oh, and Gigi is just adorable!!

Jamiejo99 said...

Congratulations, God bless you---You look wonderful!!!!!

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