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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I believe daisies.....Review/giveaway

Some People complain about the world around them, and some do something about it.  Helin & Annette, from Miami Florida were one of those people. Together they started I Believe Daisies™. The cutest most innovative idea to spread positivity through the world "One Daisy at a time"

 A note from the owners of  I Believe Daisies™

 I Believe Daisies™ was started as a simple way to spread good vibes, because positive energy attracts great things! We’re aware that our world is often filled with negativity, but we choose to focus on the positive because we know that there is so much good to believe in. Love, peace, hope, joy, miracles…the possibilities are endless! We hope that our daisies bring a smile to each person that sees them! Our idea for the daisies came from a small flower decal that Helin’s daughter had on her red VW Beetle. Each morning, as she passed by her daughter’s car, she would pause, look at the flower, and smile because the little flower was so cute! She often thought, “I’d love a sticker for my car, but I’d like it to be cute and stand for something.” So, now we’re busy spreading good vibes one daisy at a time! Our daisies give people an opportunity to share what they believe in, and it’s exciting because we know that little things can make a big difference! We hope that each time you see an I Believe Daisy you stop, and smile, and that together, we make this world a happier place! 

Through their perfect daises they spread an infinite amount of messages from love,peace,miracles, joy,etc..

Perfect for placing on car, window, or anywhere you like! They are very durable :)
Here are some of the varieties you can get from their page.

I was sent a sample of one of their daisies and I love it!! I am not big on stickers or bumper stickers but this is definitely one I  fell in love with. I've had people in the street ask me about it and my daughters love the flower on our car. Life can get very hectic around here. It's nice to have a little reminder even for myself to just remember to Believe :)
These Daisies have now made it to Kansas!
Because I believe in Joy!
These daisies have started popping around major cities, be the first to bring these perfect promoters of Positivity to your town,city or state! They are inexpensive and a great talking piece! People will make comments and you can tell them how you are trying to make the world a better place :)

In the meantime, The ladies at I believe daisies will give one winner from my page their choice of their very own I believe Daisy! So enter to win using Rafflecopter! Good luck!!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway


Amanda Tempel said...

I believe in hope :)

BrittanyC23 said...

I like the I believe in Peace Daisy the best:)

Trisha Ann Grimes said...

I believe in hope

Cynthia Keene said...

I believe in Miracles!

nathania said...

I believe in miracles.
sophieandmomma at gmail dot com

Amy Orvin said...

In Miracles

La said...

I like the "in love" daisy!!

Kirstie Gibbons said...

My favorite is the "in hope" one.

Jill Watkins said...

In miracles!

S.O.S. Mom said...

REALLY cute!!! I find super nice... I want to win one but I can't!! I am in Canada!!! Make another giveaway like this but for Canadians too please!! ;) lol

Jenzen69 said...

I want the I believe in Peace daisy

Danellejohns said...

I like all the messages but I think that the " in Hope" would be my favorie one.

carol roberts said...

I believe in hope

Hannah Pitts said...

I believe in Miracles!

lisa w said...

I believe in Miracles

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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