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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making Babies- Fertility,Pregnancy & Birth the Natural Way Book & DVD series- Review and Giveaway!!

 With every pregnancy I've tried adopting a healthier and more natural approach. From simple things like watching my diet , to a  more whole food oriented diet to  finally researching better alternatives to use during  childbirth. So it was God sent when I got an email from the wonderful people at Bulk Herb Store asking me to check out their Book & DVD series Making Babies by Shoshanna Easling. Not only have I truly enjoyed this DVD/Book Series but It has become my go to Pregnancy Bible. Yes on my 4th Pregnancy this has become my go to book! I can not reiterate the amount of amazing information, recipes and ideas I have found in this book.

Don't let the title fool you..
This isn't just a book on healthier life style adaptations to help "make the baby" or through pregnancy but it comes packed full of recipes, tinctures, recipes,brews and so much more to help jump start a healthy lifestyle postpartum and beyond!

I have enjoyed making some of the recipes in the book. The Chewy Chocolate Bars have become our family favorite! I love the fact that they have helped us adopt tasty treats without having to use refined sugars. There are recipes in here for everyone including children with dairy and Gluten intolerance and issues. Having fertility issues, try Shoshanna's Fertility brew. Need a liver cleans or sugar scrub there are recipes in here for that too! I had a friend take a look at the book and she fell in love with it as well and could believe all the amazing information, ideas and recipes found in this book.

Want a preview of one of the other great recipes? Check out the Enzyme Smoothie Recipe.

Bottom line this book & dvd series is a MUST Have for anyone wanting not only to adopt a healthier pregnancy but life style. You will wonder how you ever managed without it :)

 Making Babies Description: 
Making Babies Book and DVD Series follows Shoshanna through her pregnancy, birth, and 6 months postpartum as she stays healthy and strong and builds a baby! The DVD series is packed with over 7 hours of delicious recipes, herbal remedies, pregnancy tips, Shoshanna’s birth experience and interviews with professionals: Dr. Johan Dinkelmann DC, Dr. Nancy Armetta MD, Elaine Wakeland CNM, and Dr. Jay Gordon MD, FAAP. Making Babies Book covers information that is in the Making Babies DVDs volumes 1, 2, and 3, and includes many deliciously healthy recipes, wonderful gluten-free recipes, grandma’s remedies, herbal concoctions, need-to-know facts, and a baby diary to learn and journal about your baby experience. Packed with 480 beautiful pages of research about fertility, conception, morning sickness, pregnancy, birth, nursing, postpartum issues, losing weight, and more! The Making Babies Book and DVDs series is a must-have for new, expecting and experienced mothers alike!

  From the Author:
          I got my inspiration for the Making Babies Series from the pregnancy and birth of my first child. I loved every stage of my pregnancy and birth! I enjoyed learning and researching when I had morning sickness and when I got indigestion. Every time I was faced with another bridge, I would research, study, learn, apply, and rise to new heights of excitement. I knew everything I did, and did not do, would make a difference with me and my growing baby. It is not always easy finding good food to eat, knowing what exercises to do, and asking the right questions to the right people, but I researched it step by step and enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and birth.
          I grew up in an Amish community. Talk about making babies--whoa, they make a lot! No, I am not Amish, but I am a blood-bought child of God. Twenty-five years ago my parents were artists living in Memphis, Tennessee. They wanted to raise us five children in the country so we could learn the dying art of homemaking and the skills of country living. Hard work, herbal remedies, nutritional health, home births, and common sense were all part of the lifestyle in the Amish community. In November 2004, my husband James and I found out we were pregnant with our first child. I knew I wanted to have my baby in the soothing warmth of my own home, so I went to talk to a midwife. I had assisted in two births before I got married, and knew I wanted my children's births to be better. With good food, the right exercises, and relaxation, the birth of Jeremiah James was WONDERFUL! The midwife that attended had been to over 350 births and said it was the best she had ever attended. Since my firstborn, I never stopped researching the wonderful world of making babies.
          I have been asked many questions about healthy foods, recipes, exercises, and herbal remedies from family, friends, and customers at Bulk Herb Store. In November 2009, we got pregnant with our second child. I was so excited about my pregnancy journey. I was going to have another baby! I thought about all the horrible births I had heard about, and wanted to show women across the world how beautiful pregnancy and birth can be, so I started the Making Babies Series.
         Making Babies is a fresh, organic look at the simplistic beauty of pregnancy and birth. From delectable recipes, superb remedies, must-have tips, birthing exercises, and resources, to relaxing techniques, this is a fun, energetic video and book series. Follow me through my pregnancy and the birth of Penelope Jane Easling.

-Shoshanna Easling


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I think this is a great way to promote babies stuff. Actually this could be what everyone’s searching for including me.

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Sounds like a great read!

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