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Friday, February 8, 2013

Loving Fluff Spotlight Post for 2/8:Maple Hill Dryer Balls

Maple Hill dryer balls are made in the U.S.A. by mom with young children so that they can help their families while the children are sleeping or napping.
They are run by a home-birthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, cloth diapering (but really just normal) stay at home mom who makes the dryer balls from the wool off the sheep in her dad's farm in Lafayette, IN.
There are  three sizes so you can pick whatever option suits you and your family! The Jumbo size dryer ball is four or five inches bigger than a tennis ball and ranges in size from 11-13″, XL dryer balls  are 9-11″, and the large size is 8-9″ in circumference. They also have the option of coming infused with essential oils  or Scented.
Why use Dryer Balls?
Dryer balls replace dryer sheets, fabric softener, and help your clothes dry faster. Not only that but by cutting your time you also save Money and Electricity and use something that is safe and Eco-friendly! They are cloth diaper friendly and actually help dry your inserts a lot faster than without.

Thanks to  Maple Hill Dryer Balls for being one of the sponsors of the "Loving Fluff Giveaway Event" you can win  2XL wool balls.  For 10 extra entries for 2/8 use the code word : Wool

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon REF10

Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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