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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kidfresh Review & Giveaway Ends 4/1

 I am always trying to feed my children the healthiest and freshest foods I can get my hands on. I am also realistic and know there are times life is going to happen and I won't be able to prepare or have time to give my kids home cooked meals. However, I do know I want to keep quality, nutrition, and most important healthy as options when finding a quick meal for my kids. That can become difficult and at times impossible.
Thankfully, I came across the most amazing company Kidfresh that began when Dad Matt Cohen decided he wanted to create meals that were not only tasty,but healthy and most important convenient for parents. An idea which started off as a concept store providing great meals for kids has now grown into an fantastic product &company dedicated to providing meals that will make life a little easier for parents but make kids eat some healthy meals in the process.

A little Bit about Kidfresh from the company:
“Kidfresh provides families like yours with the best all-natural, nutritious and easy-to-serve kids meals available in the freezer sections of the leading grocery stores and super markets in the United States. Our meals have 100% natural ingredients and key nutrients for growing children – all ready in 4 minutes. Each meal comes high in protein and vitamins, contains low sodium -- all for under 400 calories. Our meals also have hidden (and not-so-hidden) veggies in every meal! Some of our meals offer up to 33% of a child’s daily vegetable requirement – the USDA recommends children ages 4- to 8-years old eat at least 1½ cups of vegetables per day. Here’s a list of veggies you can find in some our meals: carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, celery, butternut squash, corn and peas. And, to reduce our carbon footprint, our packaging is BPA- and Phthalate-Free so you can use them safely in your home. Also, we use sustainable, 100% recyclable packaging and our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. “

I was given a few Kidfresh meals to try out with the kids. They came in these cleaver little packages along and were easily found in the frozen food aisle at my local Publix.
 These meals come frozen and all you have to do is slit the top to cook.
 I cooked a couple in the microwave and the other two in the oven. I wanted to see the difference as well as keep the meals as healthy as possible. In the oven it was actually really simple, all I did was place on a cookie sheet and cook for 30-35 minutes taking them out and stirring 20 minutes in.
 These meals were so easy to make and looked fantastic once they were cooked.

Here's Lo trying out the Totally twisted Pasta + Meatballs

Princess Gigi tried out the Rainbow Rice + Chicken
I was trying the easy cheesy Ravioli but Lo took it away because he liked both so much
My very picky eater Bummie Loved her Spaghetti Bolognese and was actually asking for more when her plate was finished.

 These meals have TRULY impressed me. I highly recommend them for any parent looking for healthy, alternative, convenience meals for their children. The ingredients speak for themselves. The taste alone makes these products worth it.My children loved them. They have gained a new customer in me and I will definitely be adding Kidfesh products to my shopping list.

You can try out any one of these Kidfresh meals:

Two lucky readers will get the chance to win 2 free Kidfresh meals each along with a 1.00 coupon off!  So enter for your chance to win these out, in the mean time don't hesitate and check them out at your local grocery store!

 No compensation, monetary or otherwise, was received for my honest review. I follow all FTC and Facebook review and giveaway guidelines. All opinions are all mine. Conservamom is not responsible for the distribution of prizes. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.


Nadya said...

I loo for quality ingredients with nutrition

crystle tellerday said...


Ken Ohl said...

the quality of ingredients and that my kids will love. thankyou, ken

Take $5 off your first order with coupon REF10

Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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