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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kindle Children's books & apps For Peanuts!

Check out these great Children's books that are on sale or for very little. You can add these to your Kindle reader for your little ones to enjoy :)
Reg: 15.99 Sale price: $3.99

  Kindle edition: 3.99

  Reg:7.99 Sale price: $4.74

   12 books! Kindle Price 6.99  Print Edition 14.95

  App for Price: $2.49 reg:4.99 & get 1.00 MP3 Credit
  2.99 plus Get a $1 Amazon MP3 credit
 reg:2.99   Sale price: 1.99 Get a $1 Amazon MP3 Credit

reg:3.99   Sale price 1.99 Get a $1.00 Amazon MP3 Credit

*These were the sale prices when posted, they could have changed by the time you read this.


MD Kennedy said...

These are great deals - wish I had a Kindle fire for my child instead of the old-fashioned (!!) B&W - the colors can make the book.

Susan Alban said...

Great deals for my kids! Thank you!

Take $5 off your first order with coupon REF10

Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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