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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

With the End there is always a new beginning ...Wordless Wednesday

As a lot of you know my God Mother passed away last week and it's been a very hard pill to swallow for me and my family. She fought for 5 years against Cancer. In the end Cancer won. Here is the last picture I took of her with 4.0. It was one of the last times I saw her alive, we had come over to visit her and she wanted to see my little man. She loved him so much. She never had children,so for her I was her daughter and my kids were her grandchildren. In a moment of smiles from both of them I took this picture.

This picture makes me realize how the circle of life works. With each end there is a new beginning. What we do with that time is valuable beyond words. I don't have any regrets with the love I gave my second mom, but I do wish I would have had her for longer. There was still so much to for us to do together, for her to see, for her to be a part of in my babies lives. Alas, I know God had different plans and decided her job was to help us from heaven. She lived a good life, died a death surrounded by those who loved her and in the end her memory will continue, through the little ones that are her legacy.  



MD Kennedy said...

Although she was obviously quite ill, your GM has a glowing smile. And you have a treasure of a photo to remember her by.

Conservamom said...

That's what I love about this picture. It's this smile she has even though she knew things were not turning out the way that we would all would have liked, she just kept that smile. It's a big lesson that I learned about seizing problems head on. Thank you for stopping by! <3

Susan Alban said...

This is such a moving story. And a great picture

Conservamom said...

Thank you <3

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