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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Teething Tips & Help


 Is your child:
  • Drooling
  • Warm to the Touch
  • Have runny poop (in older kids)
  • Pink-Red Cheeks
  • Sucking on hands
  • irritability and fussiness
  • sleeplessness  
He or she might be teething. As cute as those little teeth are, it can be a very painful experience for your little one. Changing them from perfect Angels to cranky little people. It's not only a hard time for your little one but for the parent as well, because by this point you have finally started to "figure your little one out". So to get hit with teething can be very trying for parents. 

This time doesn't have to be completely miserable if your figure out some ways to relieve the pain and discomfort your little one is feeling.
 Here's a great list showing when to "generally" expect teeth to start coming in. Each child will vary but this is a good guesstimate.

So chances are around 5-6 months the "fun" will being. Here are some remedies I have used in the past  to help with the discomfort.

Amber Teething Necklace
This has become one of my favorite remedies. 4.0 is the first of my little ones to use it but it seems to be doing the trick.(For now anyways) Amber has healing benefits and when worn on skin can help sooth aches and pains. Many people have even begun using Amber for their own health ailments. What's great about Amber necklaces is that not only are they beneficial but don't they look adorable?
You can purchase an Baltic Amber Teething necklace at most healthy baby stores. You can find some cute options over at Kissed By the Moon

Hard foods
This was one I as a little dubious of but came highly recomended by my pediatrician. Veggies like Carrots and Celery are great for teething babies. They wont break off and your little one starts aquiring a taste for veggies they might not like later on. I actually had an aunt do it with her kids and her little ones all love Celery. Must be the connection between comfort and a taste they know.

Chew Bead

How many of you have had on necklaces only to look down and notice and attached moving pendant? Raising hand! Where there's necklaces there's a baby trying to eat one. This can become a source of relief for your little one but it can also be a danger,unless of course you get one of those neat necklaces that are made specifically for a teething little one. A great brand to try out is Chewbeads. They are made of silicone which can be soothing for your little one and of course safe not only from breaking but the materials are nontoxic and made specifically for your baby. You can find a nice selection of those over at Baby Ecobean!

Cold /liquid filled Teether
The cooling feeling inside these gives relief for your little one. My only concern with these would be the liquid inside breaking or the outside having BPA so make sure you get a product that is from a reputable company and not a clearance sale.

Chew toys 

This is always the first go to. Sophie the Giraffe has been a favorite of ours since princess Gigi. This little gal has lasted quite a few years! Other great ones are:
Wooden teether (this one came from a cute store on Etsy called Keepsake Toys)

Jellystone Chocolate bar teether you can find this little guy at Kelly's Closet

or just a good old finger(washed off course!) 

Teething Serums & rubs
I am on a Balm! Baby Kick right now and had to plug them in since these have been my favorite to use. I was even having some issues with a wisdom tooth that keeps playing peek a boo and dabbed some of their rub on my gum and the pain was gone almost instantly.  4.0 has two incisors trying to make a grand entrance and every time I start seeing the red cheeks and irritability begin I just dab some on and within minutes he is feeling better. With all natural ingredients like Chamomile, and Clove these products trump any other medicine.Clove is something that has been used for centuries to relieve tooth ache but getting the right amount can be hard so thankfully Balm! Baby took the guess work out.

Another one I used with my kids was Hylands teething tablets before they were recalled. I know they have a new and improved formula that I haven't tried but I'm sure if it's as good as the original this is definitely worth a try :)

My list could go on and on with remedies to help your little one feel better. Teething is very trying 
time no matter how mild the experience is. I hope at least one of the things on this list helps give your baby or little one comfort. Each child is different so just because something worked for my child it doesn't mean it will work for yours,though. The important thing is to help your little one during this very difficult time and have patience and understanding that this too shall pass :)

What are some teething tips you can offer that have helped your little one?

*some affiliate links were included in this post.


Satvi KS said...

I have gone to so many websites and searched for teething remedies...but this one is the best with all pictures. Thanks ;)

Satvi KS said...

Cn u please share the link wea it says abt givin Tylenol too much? Thanks ;)

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