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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Ugly Reality of Cancer

Cancer has become an epidemic, one of the single biggest killers of our time. Everywhere you go you hear about someone having it, someone knowing someone who died of it or sadly someone you know and love who has it.
 What causes it is an enigma and no matter what people do to prevent it, it just seems if it’s in the genetic marker you are at a higher risk of getting it. What worries me the most is once someone has it the treatments always seem to be worse than the disease, from chemo to radiation, people’s quality of life becomes worse an  the side effects usually end up hurting more than helping. That is why I always try to jump at and learn about alternative cancer treatments I come across.
 I don’t want to knock the medical community because they have done so much, but I worry about the effects and outcomes traditional cancer treatments are having. I guess this is close to my heart because I recently lost my Godmother to Cancer and the thought always plagues my mind..the what if. Either way I will continue to do my best to live a healthy life in which I try to stay away from carcinogenic materials and continue to educate myself on ways to stay healthy.
*although I was financially compensated for this post, all opinions are mine.

1 comment:

Rachel N said...

I think in 100 years people will look back on how we treated cancer the same way we look at the way they used to bleed people. There has to be a better way, the treatments just don't make sense to me:(

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