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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Letter to 15 Year Old Me

Preface: Recently I was going through old pictures of myself in high school and began to remember all the feelings, ideas, emotions and  experiences I went through. I look back now and even though I wouldn't have listened...I wish I could go back and tell these things to myself.

Dear 15 year old self,
I am here to tell you so much, but know that what I will say will probably go over your head because, in order to get to the point I am at now I must live the experiences you will go through. Either way here goes,
  • Don't be in a hurry to be an adult,or be treated like one. Your time will come to pay bills, stress over finances, and get a job. Enjoy your freedom and enjoy your childhood because it too will pass.
  • You are Beautiful and  I wish I still had your body! Yes,You who thinks you're fat! After having 4 kids you will truly know what it is to struggle with weight. Don't let the Magazines and TV fool you your size 6 is Perfect! 
  • That being said, take care of what you eat, and do with your body. You will feel it all when you are older.
  • Fill your soul and heart with positive people, if they hurt you,let them go... All those in your life that cause you pain are not worth it,and you will never see them again so don't waste your time on heartache.
  • Love your parents,grand parents and aunts and uncles. They will grow old before you know it and chance are when you get to my age a lot will be gone, even those that you though would be around forever. Give them all an extra hug and kiss, listen to their stories, get to really know them because those are the memories that will get you through the heartbreak of one day losing them. 
  • Trust in God, he will get you through the most difficult points in your life,even when you think he's not there...his presence will present itself. 
  • Learn and I'm not just talking about school. Absorb all the experiences around you, the trips you take to Europe, Mexico and Asia will be fascinating experiences you will always cherish. Truly enjoy them while there and don't focus on the friends you left behind back home, enjoy the gift you receive from your adventures.
  • That boy your "in love" with will only grow up to be a balding old man. You WILL marry a prince charming and love him so much and realize what true love is. A boy who breaks your heart doesn't love you and is not worth your tears.
  • Live! Truly Live! Don't settle for nonsense and trivial matters around you. Life is full of amazing experiences that are good for the heart and soul, live life, try new foods, meet new people and most important embrace the positive qualities of people but don't let their negative qualities affect you.
Finally,be you! Don't try to be someone you aren't. People will still love you for who you are. As the phrase goes: "Be yourself, No one else is Better qualified"

Your Future 33 year old self

What would you say to your fifteen year old self?

1 comment:

genhorrall said...

What a profound post. I have often wondered if it were possible to go back in time, if I would ever alter the path that I have taken. And even though there were many very rough challenges and things I don't wish to remember or ever live again. I am not sure I would for the simple reason that you stated. I would not want to change the course that I took because it led me to here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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