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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Christmas Lights-Not Just for Christmas!

When Christmas ends you don't have to get rid of your Christmas lights. Reuse them in easy to achieve decorations around the house. They can accent  any room in your home and with their affordable price tag this is the most underused decoration piece one can add to any room. Here are some ideas you can use to give your home that special touch without breaking the bank.

In Kids Rooms
Do you have a little space traveler? Decorate the room with planets and add some Christmas Lights to the ceiling as stars. This special touch will not only add depth to the decoration but help keep scary aliens away.
Do you have a fairy prices? Make her little fairy kingdom complete with little lights just like Tinkerbell would have.
You can also make lighted headboards with in the shape of accent decorations such as a house, star, heart,and so much more!

Use it to line the top part of your child’s crib in order to give them a steady light that will sooth and comfort them at night.

In the Bedroom
Add a romantic touch to any bedpost or windowsill. You can even line the  ceiling giving your bedroom a soft glow.
In the Dinning room
Add them your lighting fixture to spruce up any old or dated chandelier or dining lights.

In the Living room

Use them to line your bookshelves, they will give great focus to your books and pictures and add a soft light to your room.

In the Kitchen
Use them to line the tops of the cupboards. Not only will they look beautiful but you won’t need a night light to go get your favorite midnight snack.

In The Garden
Line your favorite area of the garden for a night time party or to enjoy a nice glass of wine. You can also line your garden with these lights almost making it look like they are being visited by lightning bugs :)

So you see Christmas Lights aren’t just for Christmas. By adding them to some of your favorite rooms in the house, you will be able to create soothing environments that will lift your spirits and give you peace at the end of a chaotic day truly making a restful place for you to come to unwind and enjoy.

This post was made in collaboration with one of our partners.



Krystal V. said...

I have mine in the bedroom and they look so cute :)

Bstar0306 said...

My coworker actually has them hanging in her cubicle. Everyone makes fun of them but they look cute :)

SB Contest said...

We use lights in tents when we do BBQ contests. It's festive and adds a lot of light when it's dark outside.

Vanessa Aguirre said...

Great ideas!

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