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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's in a Diaper & Why I chose to Cloth diaper

 Bummie (#3) began getting severe rashes when a well known brand changed the formula on their diapers. I was at a loss as to how bad her rashes got ,bleeding boils that took weeks to clear up. She was even put on Antibiotics to help fight it. It was terrible!  Then my neighbor and Sister in law both suggested I give Cloth Diapers a try. I didn't even want to process the thought because of all the work, ick factor and money I thought it would take to cloth diaper. So my sister in law sent me her stash which she was done using and like a child I began to poke, prod, and try on my little princess.

Then I began to research the ingredients in both diapers and realized I had spent so much time protecting what my little one ate from organic vegetables to breastfeeding her (and watching what I ate as well so as to only give her the best ingredients) that I didn't realize that I was putting on her body was just as dangerous!  By that point I was only using certain body washes and soaps so the one thing she was exposed to continuously was hurting her the most.

Well to make a long story short, I was hooked. It was slow but steady.For starters I couldn't believe how she wasn't getting rashes anymore. From there I noticed how adorable they were and  how easy it was. Finally I didn't have to buy anymore diapers! I was hooked!

It's been almost 2 ears since I began Cloth diapering and now with 4.0 I was not only able to have a diapers stash ready for him, but I was also able to  sell all of her girly diapers and get him some adorable boy prints.

So you see, sometimes finding out what you are using might lead to other more exciting posibilites. Don't discard the idea because of preconceived notions.  There are many reasons to cloth diaper but like I've said before; We watch what we feed our kids, why not what they wear?



Kris Broyles said...

Love this! That's one of the main reasons I use cloth as well. That and about 742,000 other reasons :)

Erin Ritter said...

I am going to cloth diaper my little girl due in December, I wish I would have know about cloth diapering when i had my son in 2009. Blogs like yours really helped me decide to cloth diaper. There's nothing better for a baby bum than cloth!! :D

Louverie Joy A. Rosana-Caser said...

I decided to cloth diaper since my little girl is allergic to disposables. so I researched about alternatives and there began my cloth diapering journey... got addicted to the prints, helping out Mother Earth and best for my baby's bum. Everyone wins :-)

Jennifer Marohn said...

Wow, what a horrible thing to go through! I am so glad that my daughter did not have that issue. We started out with sposies, and then switched gradually. I was really worried about them leaking, but honestly I had less leaks with cloth.

Ashleigh Swerdfeger said...

So true! Parents often don't think about what is in conventional diapers and just see the ick factor. But cloth is reusable! And like you said really cute :)

Melissa Allen Smith said...

yea cloth diapers are more convenient, but cloth diapers are better for little baby booties ;-)

Cami said...

very nice :) and well written :)

samantha s said...

We are so tired of buying disposable diapers but my husband isn't on board with cloth so we comprised to try both for the new baby. I don't mind cleaning dirty diapers but I'm sure that there will be some accessories we will acquire to make it a more pleasant experience, such as a cloth diaper pail or dirty bag.

Suzi said...

I have to appreciate the irony of some of us trying so hard to protect our children from toxins, yet we choose to let their little bottoms marinate in toxins without realizing it. Good for you for finding a solution that works for you!

Amy Lumley said...

I always felt guilty about throwing all those disposable diapers away with my other kids. I actually checked into a diaper service with my oldest 13 years ago but it didn't save any money. If only I would have known then what I know now :)

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