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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Steps in Teaching Kids to Have Pride in Their home.

*Although I was compensated for this post, all opinions are mine.

Having four kids can make it hard to keep nice things around the house. I’ve always tried teaching my kids not to touch or damage our decorations, furniture, rugs, or walls. I try to teach them to value their belongings. It starts with taking care of their toys, and picking up after themselves. Keeping parts together or even keeping them clean. I also discourage food or eating in their rooms because not only does that attract bugs but it seems that dishes or cups never make it back to the kitchen. Most importantly I try to teach them to clean up after themselves.
 Each one has a job around the house. Lo is in charge of bringing me the hampers with the laundry in it. Princess Gigi does an excellent job helping me sweep and vacuum the floors. Bummie helps as well by cleaning with a little wet rag or just simply helping pick up all the toys and putting them into the toy chest. These are all great things that are helping make things a little easier with four kids. Sometimes though things do happen and we have accidents and stains "magically appear". So from having to break out a paint brush because one of the kids got artistic with their own paint brush or having to call a Persian rug cleaning company to fix some stains that could damage the delicate tapestry we fix and continue teaching the little ones to be responsible with their home.

 It may take many years to get them to do things right or have complete pride in their belongings but it’s through little lessons I give them on a daily basis that I will teach them to help me out but most importantly grow as individuals.

*Although I was compensated for this post, All opinions are mine.


Sherry Compton said...

Kids are going to break things. We all do at times, but it is important to teach them about being careful and respectful. Helping them learn about pride helps with this.

krystel said...

i 100% agree

Leah Mchan said...

I totally agree. I'll have to try some of those techniques myself with my kids.

Vivian said...

I totally agree! My house still looks like a bomb explosion most days though. It is really hard to keep things neat when 15 minutes after cleaning my toddler just pulls out all his toys and scatters them everywhere

Mer said...

That sounds like a good system. Sometimes little helpers double the work, but they're learning such important lessons.

Rachel N said...

I agree 100%. In our house if you treat your belongings badly or you do not clean up you lose your things. My boys also have little chores they must do even though they are only 2 and 3.

Emily said...

I agree :)

Maria Iemma said...

Kids should be taught from an early age that they are part of a family and that a family works together to take care of the house, car, grounds, etc. Time is on their side, they will start small but as they grow they will learn by doing.

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