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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blueberry Simplex One Size All In One Diaper Review

*Although I received the diaper free of charge, All opinions are 100% mine and did not receive compensation for this post.

There are many diapers out on the market and finding the ones that fit your needs and convenience can be a path filled with trial and error. Sometimes between finding that perfect diaper that fits your needs. Blueberry Simplex takes away the legwork of trying to find "that" perfect diaper.
If an All In One and a Pocket had a baby this diaper would be it! Combining the convenience of an all-in-one diaper while providing the absorbency and  adjust ability of a pocket diaper. This diaper should come complete with a superhero cape.
This diaper is made for babies that are between 10-35#'s but don't fret they carry a newborn version that will fit your little one from 6-16#'s and the quality and fit is just as wonderful as the One Size Simplex only in a deliciously tinier version. It comes complete with a belly button snap down to help protect baby's tiny little belly button those first few weeks.

 Recently I had the opportunity to try out a Simplex One Size with 4.0 and I couldn't have been more excited to get my hands on this diaper.  I used the newborn version with my little guy when he was born and I loved the style,fit and most importantly how well it kept out of the way during the time his belly button was healing. So when I got this diaper I knew the product I would receive would be just as great. I was right!
This diaper is made with a waterproof outer layer, I received it in the cow pattern. Isn't it adorable?
Back part of diaper
Front snaps with semi rounded tabs complete with two rows of snaps for waist adjustment.
Since this is a onesize diaper you will find adjusting snaps going vertical on the diaper as well. All had great proportion to fit.
At First glance the diaper could pass of as either a pocket or AIO
However if you reach into the front part you can pull out an extra absorbent semi attached insert that is made up of one side microfleece.
Back side has an extra wide opening to help adjust absorbency
Front has pocket opening as well(attached insert is attached to front.)

4.0 is a chubbier little full of delicious little roles that fit nicely inside the diaper. He's about 25# right now.

The diaper fit perfectly around his chubby little thighs containing any leaks or mess

Back had great protection as well, even when moving it was a secure fit but not too tight.

This diaper is definitely a keeper!

With room for growth!

4.0 is definitely a Blueberry baby!

 This diaper is definitly worth it's price tag of about $25. This diaper is Daddy and Day Care approved because of it's one step setup. Its absorbency is impressive. With its waterproof outer and 10 thirsty layers of cotton+ Microfiber this diaper is perfect for the long car ride or extend use of an active little one add a booster and you've got a great night time diaper(even for heavy wetters like 4.0)
Washing it is even nicer because insert agitates out during wash, so no messy mommy hands after use. 

To get one for yourself just head over to their page or to any diaper retailer. 
I am definitely a fan and will definitely be adding more Blueberry diapers to my stash! hmmm what adorable print will I pick next??
 *As a special note: You may also know this diaper as a Swaddlebees. However there are exciting things happening over at the company and lots of changes coming your way including Swaddlebees are now Blueberry diapers. Make sure and check back to their site for all the great things going on!

*Although I received the diaper free of charge, All opinions are 100% mine and did not receive compensation for this post.


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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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