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Monday, July 8, 2013

Lalabye Baby 2.0 Preview!

Recently I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at the new Lalabye Baby 2.0 diaper that will be coming out soon and I couldn't be anymore excited.

 I had to of course share some of my findings with my wonderful readers because I know you will all fall for these diapers like I have!
 As you all know I recently got to review the original Lalabye Baby diaper. Well now I get to bring you all a teensy review(sneak peek) of my thoughts on the new 2.0!!

White is "Original Lalabye Baby" Blue (beluga) is new 2.0!

I love Lalabye Baby diapers, I feel these diapers are so versatile and stylish. Their fit is amazing especially with chubby little ones like my 4.0.

 It's amazing when you take something that you already love and actually improve it. That is what happened with the 2.0 version.

 The fit is as good as before, and need I say better? The design is a lot sleeker and the fit is less bulkier. ( I say less because the originals were already sleek in design)
 The inserts are an improvement on the first in a couple of ways, for starters you can snap the new inserts into two spots on the diapers so they can stay put in place.  The new ones are also a little thicker without compromising the overall dimensions of the diaper or adding to the bulky butt effect.
 The new back pocket has an envelope flap to help keep it in place and it also includes a snap in the back.
 2.0 still has the same overall great constitution and quality of the original with a few teaks to make this diaper even better. It includes the gorgeous snap design that makes Lalabye baby stand out.

 Oh and a little birdy also told me not only will you be getting those adorable colors we all love from Lalabye Baby but there will be prints coming soon too!!

Whatever Lalabye Baby Diaper you get your hands on, know that you are getting a quality diaper, with a versatile style and affordability you can't beat! I am so excited to see what Melissa has in store for us next, make sure and like her page on facebook so you can be in the know when all the exciting colors and prints start coming out soon!


ConservamomE said...

They really are wonderful and well Melissa the owner is too!! :)

ConservamomE said...

Did you check out the new print? It's out and it's gorgeous!!

ConservamomE said...

Thank you!

ConservamomE said...

The First print came out and its gorgeous!!

ConservamomE said...

It's always a hard transition but once you do it's well worth it!

ConservamomE said...

It does!! Isn't the color great! You should check out the other ones, they are gorgeous and the names are so cute too!

Emily_faliLV said...

I love snap inserts! Makes it so easy! That blue is gorgeous!

bex said...

They look fab! I used disposable nappies with my little one but definitely thinking about cloth nappies for any future children!

AlannaB said...

Love the snap able inserts! It sure helps to have the inserts snapped in place to prevent shifting in the diaper...especially if you are trying to stuff through a small pocket opening.

Excited to see the prints!

Omima Asghar said...

Nice baby

Anne Sweden said...

This is great news! I use our original Lalabye for both my infant and toddler and the fit is great. So glad prints are on the way!

Kimberly Dudley said...

Prints?! Yaay!

Emmie Brown said...

I love these diapers! Just got my first one recently - these are actually made by a local mama to me. I am excited for the new version!

Laura B said...

I'm so excited to get my lalabye baby diapers!! I love that they snap in on both ends. Can't wait till baby gets here in December to start using our cloth diapers!

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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