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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Picking The Perfect Baby Shower Party Favors

*This review was written on behalf of my sponsor and received compensation for it.

Creative party favors are becoming more common at baby shower celebrations any time of the year. People are finding out that baby shower party favors are more than just decorative items given out at the celebration. Learn about some of the ways baby shower hosts are using these party favors.

Remember the Due Date

 A simple party favor at a baby shower can remind guests of when the baby is due to be born. This is helpful for friends and family who want to visit the new mother at the hospital.
Plus, people who don't have a chance to visit the new mom and dad will know when to send flowers to their hospital room. A baby shower party favor is appealing to hang on the refrigerator and serves as a wonderful reminder of the special date. personalized baby shower favors are one creative option for party hosts who are in the planning stages of the get-together.

 An Item with Sentimental Value

Finally, baby shower party favors also have sentimental value for the mom-to-be, friends and family members. For instance, she may want to put a party favor in her scrapbook or put it up to decorate her baby's nursery. Her family members and friends may want extra party favors in order to make a keepsake book or other craft for the mom-to-be. There are many ways for friends to use these baby shower party favors to remember the fun they had at the celebration!
 *This review was written on behalf of my sponsor and received compensation for it.



Sherry Compton said...

Baby showers help everyone come together, be excited, and celebrate the upcoming birth. Helpful to the parents who probably need new items and often advice from others. There are lots of cute, fun options for favors now. You can have them with a color theme to tell the gender or just cutsey and baby. At the end of it all, just relax with friends and family and have fun!

Meagan M. Greenan Liani said...

Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing!! :) So awesome that AbcFavors makes favors that are useful AND sentimental! :) I received a magnet for a wedding date reminder- so cute and handy for keeping the date and any loose papers to bring along- like the card!! :) :)

Tara C. said...

I absolutely love the idea of a due date reminder! I wish we would have thought about that for my shower for my older relatives so that they would have had an easier time remembering when my baby was supposed to be born. After we let them know she had come they would tell us "I thought you forgot to let us know!" I felt bad and a reminder would have really helped that!

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