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Monday, August 26, 2013

Monitoring Your Heartrate

* This post was written on behalf of a Sponsor. All opinions are mine.

 In this age of increased awareness of health issues, one of the most important health data points to monitor is your heart rate, both peak and resting. If you are an avid exerciser, you understand the significance of what is called “cardio”, exercising the heart muscle and increasing the rate of circulation. Many personal trainers try to have their clients achieve an increased heart rate before beginning a work out session. '
One of the best long-term health monitoring habits to develop is a daily measure of your resting heart rate. Many professional athletes keep logs that register this and other basic date when they first awaken and several times a day. There are a number of dependable and affordable devices such as the MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor that makes this an easy task. There are actually several factors that have an impact on heart rates. Two measures that medical professionals pay attention to are overall fitness and rate of recovery. Surprising to some people is that gender even plays a role. It is a basic fact that the more fit an individual, the lower their resting heart rate will normally be. Great athletes have recorded amazing resting heart rates - as low as 28 BPM. The basic reason is that earnest training will generally increase both the size and strength of the heart muscle. That is one motivation for measuring and logging the resting heart rate as it can serve as a measure of the success of your training over the long-term.

 * This post was written on behalf of a Sponsor. All opinions are mine.

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