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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flip™ Hybrid Diapering System - A Versatile Way of Cloth Diapering

 Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Flip™ and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love cloth diapering, but, I also know that it's not for everyone. Those who don't cloth diaper have many reasons for not clothdiapering. From initial cost to ick factor,the list can be extensive. However, I recently got to review the flip Hybrid diapering system and I realized this is the perfect diapering for anyone who has reservation about cloth diapering. I've used the flip covers in the past and have always made them part of my diapering stash. Their leak proof protection and stylish colors make this one of the best diaper covers around. What I hadn't gotten to try out was the various inserts they offer and all I can say was I am blown away.

The flip system consists of a One Size cover. It comes in either snaps or hook and loop (the one I got to try out) Each cover can :
  • Stretch-to-fit tabs create custom fit.
  • Contour flap holds insert in place.
  • Form fitting leg elastic prevents leaks.
  • Waterproof cover, Wipe clean and reuse
I was sent a few covers with a hook and loop closure (velcro) in noodle and sweet. Each cover is one size so it will fit on a baby from 8-35#'s. Which literally means you can get this diaper from birth to potty training and at $14.95 a cover financially it's a great investment. 

 The hoop and loop tabs help give a better fit on the diaper. It's fit is similar to that of disposable diapers.
                                                  As you can see there's room to grow in these.

                         Pockets are put in the front and the back to allow the inserts to stay in place.

 They come with Laundry tabs inside to keep the velcro from sticking to everything.
                                    I love the elastic in the back helping contain all the messes.

 flip Hybrid system comes with 3 kinds of inserts. I got to try out 2 of them. The Stay dry  for the sensitive baby. Available in newborn and one-size. Made of Stay dry fabric on one side to wick moisture from baby and the other side has layers of microfiber to hold in all the wetness. The one size  insert can be adjusted to fit your little one making this an insert that lasts your baby a long time!

 The Disposable insert comes in a pack of 18. This will run you about $6 dollars. So much cheaper than disposables! This is perfect for the family that wants to cloth diaper but realizes life happens and sometimes you need the disposable option. You just insert in the cover, once the baby has gone potty in it you just toss solds in the toilet and toss away the insert.  Wipe cover clean and you're good to go!

                                              This diaper has a great fit and size adjustment
                                          Even the sides have great protection with the flip fit.

  Flip Diapering system truly is one of a kind. With its versatility and fit you can't go wrong with this diaper.

      The flip diapering system really is one of my favorites. After cloth diapering 2 little ones it is my go to at night. With its fit and versatility this diaper is the perfect fit for the novice to the pro.

 With it's great fit, protection and style...A flip Baby will be a happy Baby! (and that makes for a very happy mommy as well!)

 "Disclosure: " This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Flip™ and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own."



Heather Johnson said...

I love my Flip covers but hated the inserts. I use Best Bottom inserts instead. Flips work great overnight on my daughter too.

Suzi said...

I LOVE Flip covers and inserts. I use Flip covers, and I use Flip inserts in Flip, Blueberry Capris, Planet Wise, and some wahm covers with the yoke style flaps for tucking in the inserts. The stay dry is my favorite.

Stacy Lynn Brunscheen Hancock said...

I've never tried Flips, but have used bumGenius for almost 6 years. They are definitely tried and true for us. I'm sure the Flip system is just as awesome. The stay dry inserts are so easy, too!

Mindy said...

I love the flip cover over fitteds nd the inserts are fine in pockets, but the combo always leaked for me. :(

Regan said...

A Flip was one of the first diapers that I got and I didn't like it. I have since gotten another one after hearing so many people rave about them and this time around I like it a lot! I think back then I just wasn't as open to using prefolds as I am now.

Melissa Hurlocker said...

So much information! I'm due with # 2 and we are determined to cloth diaper! :)

Nicole Bear said...

Flips are one of the first CDs I had. I use my covers over everything, and have even used them over regular disposables when I was traveling, and wanted to protect against the sposie leaks and blowouts. I haven't tried their disposable inserts, but I have used them with gDiaper inserts.

Kim Hoff Rimrodt said...

This looks like something I'd like to try. I have Econobum & Blueberry covers, & it would be interesting to try one with hold-in pockets...might be easier to keep the insert in something like this, when putting a pre-stuffed diaper in a diaper bag.

McDonuts said...

This looks like something I would love o have. My kids are out of diapers but the little one I nanny for and his mom decided we wanted to try and figure it all out. It is still new and we are working on it but I think this would be amazing to have. Thank you for the awesome review!

Rhianna Gonzalez said...

My twin boys are potty trained except at night and I LOVE our flips.

Vicki Hall said...

I love my Flips I use the covers over flats and prefolds too.

Sarh Snarski said...

I have two toddler boys in cloth diapers and have been wanting to try Flips for quite a while now! One thing I always wondered is if their poo gets all over the cover with the inserts being so narrow, it seems as so...?

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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