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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little Bee Co Swim Diaper Review


For years I've used disposable swim diapers because I lived so far away from the ocean. However, now that I am back in Florida I realize how much i've missed out on not using Swim Diapers. Thankfully I had the opportunity to check out some pretty neat swim diapers on 4.0 from the company The Little Bee Co. 

The Diapers at The Little Bee Co are fun, functional diapers made up of vibrant colors with fun names like Polynesian Isles, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Cambodian Blush to name a few.. What makes The Little Bee Co company so special is that for every diaper they sell one will be donated to a baby in need. They are doing what they can to change the world one diaper change at a time! To me this is beyond amazing! I know how hard it is to have a small business and to make it work, the fact that this company takes from their profit margin and pays it forward speaks volumes of the type of company it is.

Knowing all the above information I was very excited when I found out I would get to try  out their gorgeous swim diapers. These are the first real swim diapers I've owned. I had been a little skeptical because I didn't see the need. However, I am so glad I have them and wish I wouldn't have spent the endless amount of money I have on swim diapers.

Little Bee uses a sized system with their swim diapers meaning one size doesn't fit all. I actually liked it because the fit was a lot more tailored to his body type..

Here are some sizing guides you can use to check out what Aqua Bee fits your little one:

Although my little guy is 10 months old, he is a hefty 23#s and so the lovely people over at Little Bee sent me a M & L to try out and see which one fit him best.
Some features that stand out on these diapers:
They come in Bright Jewel Tone Colors(Columbian Cay, Haitian Harbor and Polynesian Isles)
They don't absorb water so no worry of weighing baby down
Contains solids to meet public swimming requirements
Simply wash and reuse
Even if you don't cloth diaper these swim diapers are perfect!! Just use and throw in the washing machine! 

I got to try out Columbian Cay and Haitian Harbor, Aren't they gorgeous?
The size difference between both is slim but noticeable.  I love how these diapers have a double row of snaps for better fit around the waist.
Outer shell is made of water proof PUL
Inside is made up of a soft fleece type material.
As you can see putting them one on top of the other you can see how the difference isn't  a huge one.

The Medium size one is made for babies 6m-24m however since my little guy weighs about 23#'s this diaper fit him like a glove.

  With the Mediums he was on the last row of snaps.


I should add, these diapers have a great elastic front to keep everything in. I loved how they fit.
The Large were just as nice fit. These are all a little snugger than regular diapers because you don't include all the inserts and what not a regular cloth diaper has and so they will runs smaller.

I also liked the fit of the Large around the thighs.
The elastic on the bum is also great for keeping any accidents in. Perfect for all the movement in the pool while still keeping all solids in.

We've gone to the beach and pool a few times with this diaper and I have to say I really like them. If I had to purchase one I would probably go with the Large. Although the Medium fits very well, I think Large will last longer on my little guy.

This diaper is not bulky or constraining in any way. He is always comfortable and moves around without problems when wearing it.

I've become a fan of these swim diapers. Their fit ,colors and style are right in line with my taste of diapers for my little guy at 17.95 the price is a spot on!
I have become a fan Little Bee Co. I love what they stand for and the products they have. I am excited to check out more of their products in the near future.

Head over and like their Facebook Page  or on Twitter and see what great items they have including a new AIO coming this fall!
Although Fall is around the corner these swim diapers are perfect for any swimming adventure your little one will have year around both indoors and out!   Because of their elastic fit and sizing this diaper will follow your little one for some time.

Make the Change from Disposable to Cloth, save money, let your little one be stylish and most important help there "Bee a Change" for the positive with their Bee change program :)

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon REF10

Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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