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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Praise! Linked from "My Chocolate Heart"

One of the blogs I love reading include a great praise section this week to link up to My Chocolate Heart and thought I would join the bandwagon considering that I have so much to Praise God for!
  1. The wonderful family I have!
  2. The great weather we had yesterday even though we thought it was going to be miserable.
  3. Spring is starting to feel springy.
  4. The fact we have a fabulous church we go to and are blessed with the priests we have!
  5. Chocolate Chip cookie dough..hee hee
  6. We are alive!
Thank you Jennifer for starting this link up . I have so much to be thankful and praise God for! and for those of you who read my blog I wanted to make sure and piggy back on what she said and remember to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the three o'clock hour today if you can and to beg for our President's conversion during this special hour of mercy. Have a beautiful and glorious Sunday everyone with your family and loved ones! And don't forget to go to mass :O)


Jennifer said...

Amen to #5!!
And all of the others, too, but anything chocolate holds a special place in my heart! HA!

Mom E said...

Oh yes!It does hold a very special place in my heart, and unfortunately on my hips too! HAHA! Same your way,

lolit said...

as child of God, indeed we have many things to be thankful for,everyday is a blessing for us,small or big, HE must be complimented for it.thanks for sharing.

Mom E said...

That is very true!

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