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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The other day I was blessed to see our first Robin this spring. What a magical little bird. Having lived in Florida my whole life I didn't value or appreciate it's magical little presence. Robins always signify that spring is here. I feel like they bring hope after the long dreary winter. Seeing its friendly little hop and red belly ready to begin it's mating process and thus create new life shows me a little lesson about life. It's always sad not to see the Robin once winter starts approaching and then the gloominess of winter happens. Then out of no where you begin to see these wonderful little birds, they hop along not realizing the hope they bring with their presence of a new beginning and new life. I think they teach a valuable lesson for all of us after all the dreariness and bleakness that winter brings when you least expect it a little robin of hope shows up ready to create new life and new hope. Welcome back Robins :O)

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