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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vaccines, Unethical little soldiers at times....

A few of you hadn't heard of the Vaccines that carried Aborted Fetus cells in them. I too was unaware of this until I was pregnant with the Lo. I had a friend mention statistics & ingredients of vaccines and I grew interested in finding out more information on these little "soldiers"that would be put into my child's body. Having taught SpEd for so long and having take so many courses on causes,etc... It became something very interesting for me to read about & then when I found out that some were even made from aborted fetus cells my disgust grew.
By no means do I negate the use of vaccines,that is a personal decision each parent must take. But my apprehension towards them is great. They can be very useful and help save lives. I have vaccinated both of my children but have done so selectively and using a better time frame than given to you by the HHS. I still manage to get it in by the appropriated time but do not give too many at once. There have been a lot of studies saying that there is no link to Autism or PPD but I have met too many people that have had adverse reactions to the immunisations.
What I find Ironic is that the two immunizations that seem to always trigger a change in children are the two immunizations that come from AFCells. (Rubella and Chicken Pox). As parents we trust our doctors and government because they are here to do what is best,but as a Catholic I must also follow my faith and listen to my heart.
Here is a great article I found that is worth reading:


SAHMinIL said...

Thank-you for the information.

lolit said...

yes, i've read the article,i can't believe it! totally new to me, here in our country maybe only those in medical fields knew it. It is a total disbelief! Thank you so much my dear Mom E for this sharing,as a catholic i think it is also my obligation to tell this to my friends,i love you MOm E!thanks

Mom E said...

Thank you. What I love about the Internet is that you learn so many things you wouldn't otherwise. It is our duty to stay informed of things. Thank you all!

Arley said...

Very interesting article. Thank you!

Jennifer said...

I am a bit embarrassed to admit I never knew vaccines were made this way, and now that I know I feel sick to my stomach. Ugh... what's been done can't be undone.

Mom E said...

Don't feel embarrassed or bad..I was lucky enough to have a great doctor explain it to me but had I not I would probably be the same way. :) You live you learn and you move forward :O)

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