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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UPDATE on To Be or Not To BE?

Well as of 2:50CST today, his rash seems to be the same or IMOP less than what it was yesterday. He still hasn't had fever and the rash doesn't have the tell tale "pimple"look or as my doctor called it dew drop on a rose look. So I think we may not have Chicken pox this time around. As I told my MIL yesterday I guess if we were going to get hit with it this would be the best time because A.I am not pregnant and B. There are no infants in the house. But from the looks of it we escaped it this time around. God only knows what this little boy got into that caused this!
Thank you all for your concern and notes during this interesting adventure.


Arley said...

I'm so glad to hear it doesn't look like chicken pox!

lolit said...

oh,this is indeed a relief, this is a torture to us moms.this is a good news. i am happy Mom E!

Mom E said...

Thank you all! It is a torture for us moms when we go through things like this :(

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