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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To be or Not To be:Is it chicken pox?That is the question!

So this morning I noticed some little red dots all over Lo's legs and thought nothing of it. So I rushed off to the store and left Lo & Princess GG with the Hub. When I got back an hour later the dots had spread all over his body and through his face and arms. So being the diligent and spazy mom that I am I got on the phone and called the doctor for an Appt. I am very blessed with the doctor I have because I can literally call and be in her office within a couple of hours for an appt. Well, he hasn't had fever and only a few of the "dots"had a small white head looking feature but not so prevalent to be classified as a chicken pox. So point of story Doctor couldn't figure out what the heck he has! We haven't been out in a few days because to top it off he has been hacking away with a heck of a cough and the weather hasn't been all that good. So no "grass culprits" could be found as for foods we haven't changed anything or eaten anything different. I am pretty sure it isn't the Chicken pox but my husband isn't as sure. Of course to make matters worse we found out there are 2 cases of Swine Flu in our state and the visit to the doctors office consisted of making sure the children didn't touch anything and that was interesting. So life has been interesting to see the least. I guess if we are going to get chicken pox we might as well get them now....

*Side note: I know some of you might wonder why I am even talking about chicken pox considering there is a vaccine. Well I don't vaccinate my children for chicken pox..sorry. For moral reasons. That is one of the Vaccines made of Aborted Fetus cells (As told to me by my doctor when asked so I didn't go online and find it on some kooky site) and so I made the decision not to vaccinate them with that immunization. So pretty much it's a waiting game at this point either way :O) Wish me luck!


SAHMinIL said...

I had no idea that the vaccine was made from aborted fetus cells... I was going to say that perhaps it was a "mild" case of chicken pox, because of the vaccine; but clearly that would not be the case with your little ones....again I had no idea that's how the vaccine was made.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, are you serious about that vaccine? I did not know that... If that is true I will be crushed... I had my kids vaccinated. :(

I hope your little guy is okay...maybe Fifths disease?

Mom E said...

You shouldn't feel crushed. I didn't know either. My doctor is a Catholic that goes to my parish and so I know to ask those questions because I had heard about those immunizations being made of that. The German measles(rubella is also another one made of Aborted fetus cells and for a long time my doctor was able to just give the measles and mumps separately from the rubella so those that chose not to give it,didn't have to, unfortunately that has since changed and now is no longer made separately so you have no choice but to give it considering the other two can be fatal. I have swung back and forth with the immunization debate(to immunize or not )but I think this swine flue has shown me it's better to err in the side of caution. What I do is that I give my kids the immunizations very separately from each other. Dr.Sears has a great "new immunization schedule"one can follow too. It is sad and sickening they would use aborted fetus cells but are we surprised?

Arley said...

Don't feel too bad, after our first child was immunized, the doctors thought he might have Autism. We were horrified and decided not to immunize anymore of our children. It turns out he is a prodigy child and does not have autism, but we still refuse to immunize.

I do hope your little boy gets better soon! Chicken Pox are awful.

lolit said...

really? i did not know this either,thanks for this information,hope all is well for him. my hugs and kisses.

Mom E said...

I have heard so many stories like yours Arley. It is very intresting how things turn out..Thanks to you Lolit!

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