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Monday, April 27, 2009

Too Funny not to post

So my son the Lo has taken it upon himself to run a small mafia with all of the toys in the house meaning,no matter if they belong to him or Princess GG he is in charge of them. However, Princess GG (having the hot blooded Hispanic and Italian blood that she does decided she wasn't going to take it anymore) This was definitely one of those times where keeping a straight face is the hardest thing in the world.


Cecilia said...

Oh.. thts funny. I feel that I am looking at Blondie and Trainboy, they are 17months apart.. how many months are your kids? they are cute! yeah.. boys think the control everything!!! Its in them! :)

Mom E said...

Haha,16months apart! These boys are something else!

Lerin said...

SO funny! My middle two are about 16 months apart too. :)

Mom E said...

Makes life verrrrry interesting when they are that close together.

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