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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hi Linking back to My Chocolate Heart, I wanted to show my praises of the week. :O)

1.I praised God today and always for being alive!

2.For so many children making their first communions today. May they carry that gift with them in their hearts now and always!

3.For the rain,and for the sun because without the weather there would be no life.

4.For the Blessed Virgin Mary,because this is her month,let's not forget her.

5.I also praise God because my little Niece did her first communion today. God bless her always may she continue to be the beautiful little girl that she has always been!
6.I have to praise God for some of my neighbors coming home safe from Iraq.

7.Praise God for all the love I have in my life.

Have a blessed week everyone.Don't forget to praise God today!

1 comment:

lolit said...

yes, i believe to all your much to be thankful for,innumerable in fact.

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