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Monday, June 1, 2009

Dr.Tiller Death

I had to post a bit on this just because of the amount of feelings I have on the subject. When I say I am Pro-Life, I mean I am PRO LIFE from Conception until Old Age meaning I don't agree with the death penalty,Euthanasia..etc... That being said, the first words that came to my mind when I heard about George Tiller's death was Justice. Living in the Mid West George Tiller has been a constant name I have heard. He has been on the news quite a bit out here and I was very familiar with his "work". This was a man who described his work as a "passion" of his and he felt what he was doing was "great for Women's rights". Well guess what I am a Woman and though it was horrible! Watching the news has been somewhat amusing to me especially all the candle light vigils I have seen in his honor. I am in no way condoning his death and I have said a prayer for him and the repose of his soul,that at the final moments of his death he was able to find repentance for his actions, but to honor his life's work is beyond ridiculous in my eyes. Many say this was a set back and many are criticizing the Pro-life movement for what happen. I'm not...we have had set backs from the beginning because we are marginalized for our beliefs. And the mainstream does not agree with what we stand for. So Pro-Lifers move forward from this, we continue to pray and do what we can(through prayer) to help bring an end to abortion. I pray for his family and for all those that loved him because of the hatred that will fill their hearts because of his death. I ask God to help them with this loss,because as much as I disliked him and his work, he was someones husband, father& grandfather. I am curious to see what this will do in regards to late term abortions. Since he was one of the few left I wonder what the other doctors are feeling?A change of heart or more gusto in what they do. That being said, regardless of what happens , Today no children died in that clinic.


+JMJ+ said...

"Today no children died in that clinic"....haunting!

I just LUV the way your blog looks! Did you do this yourself???

Exceptional work!

Mom E said...

I did..with help of the cutest little blog of course!lol. Thanks! I have been slacking off a bit and I am very disappointed in myself. I've had so much to say but have been going a little nuts lately with the kids and really haven't had a chance to just sit down and write. Hope you are all doing great and thanks for "checking in" :O)

Lerin said...

That last sentence hit me too. His "work" was horrifying.

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