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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Lo and Thomas

Saturday we had the opportunity to visit with Thomas the Train. What a great adventure it was. The Lo is a huge fan and so when I found out he would be close to our home we decided to go and see him. It was a lot of fun because they had petting zoos and a lot of activities for kids of all ages. The hub and I were laughing because it seemed the parents were more excited than the kids when Thomas arrived. I know I was so excited to see his little face when the train finally arrived. He didn't say a word the whole ride just sat there with his eyes wide open. On the train I thought to myself how blessed we were by God that he was allowing us to give this happiness to our son. What a wonderful day we had!


SAHMinIL said...

We love Thomas too! Although with mine being 8 and 7 it has morphed into trains in general. We have done Thomas several times in the past. I know exactly what you mean by the parents being more excited!

lolit said...

i am sure all you enjoyed it, hmmm who can refuse anyway,lol. Even us parents are as excited as the kids are. this does not happen all the time, so better take all the opportunity.

Cecilia said...

Oh.. I can't wait to take Trainboy to see it and its very close to us, about 45mins. drive. He is talking about his party that is 3 months away, his train cake.. oh brother!

What a beautiful family!:)

Sarah said...

How fun! A dear friend just gave me a HUGE set of Thomas trains and tracks and all for my 18-month-old son. We don't have many boy toys around here, yet, so her gift was very appreciated. I know he's a bit young to play with them now, so I will save them for a future birthday or Christmas present. I look forward to experiencing him grow and get into his own kinds of things, which will be so different from what the girls like.

Mom E said...

Thanks for all your comments! We really did have a great time. If you get a chance to take your boys to see it,it really is worth it. Hope you are all having a great week!

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