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Monday, August 10, 2009


I know if you have made it to this page,chances are we are on the same page when it comes to healthcare. I love watching Glenn Beck and had a chance to see this commentary and thought my readers would enjoy it, that or send my page to the email addy. Either way I take the chance because I figure someone has to say it.ENjoy:


lolit said...

hello Mom E! where have you been all this time? i missed you so terribly, i kept thingking of you,just thought of dropping a note for you, but here you are so, i am happy seeing you here, take care.

Mom E said...

I have been bad about keeping up lately. It seems we are always doing something around here. I always think of my online friends though! Blessings your way! :O)

BJS said...

Thanks for posting the link to this on the Health Care Issue from G.B. I am not really a political person, but this all is making me somewhat "crazy". Let us all pray to God that none of this transpires according to {we know who's} agenda. God bless. Thanks again. That I actually listened to it is AMAZING!

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