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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freedom of Speech

I love my country. Having been brought up with a rich Hispanic heritage I was also brought up to love this country because even though my background is that of two countries that I love, this is my home and my blood runs red white and blue. I am proud of the way I was raised and I am grateful for having been given a glimpse into what a communist nation is like and what hardships one experiences because of it,without having to experience it for myself. All these things made me who I am today and I am grateful.
As so much as I love this country I have begun to feel ashamed of many of my fellow citizens not because of things we have done but because of what had not been done. It seems that A vocal minority has taken over the press and media and those that are the Majority have been silenced,whether it be out of fear or respect,nevertheless it has been silenced. I am not a fan of the president. Not for his skin color or for his physical features but for what he stands for. I am sick and tired of hearing so many say that those who oppose him are only being racist,well I am not. If that is the impression I give,I am sorry. What I am is one who stands for what I believe in and Mr.President you don't stand for what I believe in. In the recent weeks however, I can proudly say that many Americans have begun to stand for what they believe in. Even if it is over something like health care,which is very important but not the most crucial problem affecting our country. What I find amusing is how all these people that are starting to stand up for what they believe in are being belittled by the press and media. They are being called mobsters,radicals,and the list goes on. Yet when Bush was in office worse was done to him yet no one ever called those people names,the most they were called were Activist. Funny but I find that a double standard.
Either way I am proud of all of you standing your ground. Many criticise those that are violent or get loud but you know what,Thank God for those that do get loud because if it wasn't for those people this health reform would have sped through the house and senate and been voted into law. I thank you from the bottom of my heart because of all of you brave individuals our country is coming together once again for what is right. Many might not agree with me but guess what,those many will not be with me when I am judged in front of God and so as to me their opinions are irrelevant. Ever Forward! God bless America and all those that fight for her freedom!

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