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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Darn little Gall Bladder!

So just went through a "fun"adventure with my gallbladder last Thursday. I had something referred to as a Gall Stone Attack. Go figure I didn't even know I had a gall to have stones in but somehow they got in there and caused a heck of a time for me. We had a heck of a few days determining how bad my attack was and if I needed surgery. The bottom line is I do. I've got plenty of stones in there. The concern was making sure none were stuck or causing problems with my other organs.
Usually this kind of surgery isn't a problem. Belive it or not it's an outpatient producedure done with a camera. However, since I am only 25 weeks pregnant that created a bit of a problem since operating could induce or trigger labor. No FUN! Thankfully after a plethora of test I should be ok, bad news is I have to watch my intake of fun!! But I'll do anything to make sure this little monkey makes it to the big D-Day! So keep me in your prayers that I don't have anymore attacks. It will be a fun time after I give birth, not only will I have a precious little peanut to love and hold but I am already signed up for 2 surgeries! One on the gallbladder and one on my impacted wisdom tooth. Who would have told me this 3rd pregnancy was going to be so much fun! Alas! Thanks Be to God for sending me these little hugs and reminding me to trust in him!

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