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Monday, February 1, 2010

Every Child IS a Wanted Child!

The other day I was sitting in my car in line waiting at the drive thru at Taco Bell. *Gallstone Police I was waiting to get one of their delicious Lite Fresco menu items :OP* The line was really taking forever and between my two monkeys in the back fighting and the one in my belly kicking I hadn't noticed the car in front of me. By all appearances it was a pretty normal car I could see a man's head,a woman's head,an infant car seat with a bouncing little baby and another car seat with a little toddler. Then I looked down a bit and was surprised by what I saw, no not the Wisconsin license plate but the abundant amount of Pro-Choice bumper stickers surrounding the back of their car. Now this wasn't your typical 1 bumper sticker tastefully placed,no this was like a plethora of bumper stickers. I mean these people went all out on their bumper sticker budget,No expense was spared! I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it earlier either. The one that really stuck out though was one that I found misleading. It was one that said "Make every Child a wanted child" and I got to thinking.

It seems one of the biggest arguments the pro-choice band always uses is that every child should be wanted and with the world we are living in today and how horrible it is,yada yada yada you don't want to bring a child into this world to suffer. I found it kind of funny on so many levels. The reason being because I thought to myself life is full of suffering no matter how perfect your life is, YET it's also full of joys and to term our world such a horrible place is an over exaggeration! The reason that argument is used so frequently is for the simple fact that people are comfortable with their lives and frankly don't want to be bothered by an inconvenience such as a child..which in that case the bumper sticker should really read "My selfishness causes me to kill". (2 can be exaggerated at this game!)
The most reasonable argument I did see in all of this is the fact that Every child is wanted and I can tell you why. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere! Yet in our Podunk town our weekly newspaper is flooded with want ads by couples looking to adopt. Go on Craigs list and you have even more people wanting to adopt kids . Have any of you ever tried adopting? or at least looking into the possibility of it? It is one of the most complicated process imaginable. Of course I understand why it should be, you don't want any Joe Shmoe Adopting a baby. However, some of the roadblocks placed can be simply ridiculous! The price alone can be a daunting one. Yet, so many couples yern to adopt many not being able to because of all the roadblocks. So how is this argument of every child not being wanted logical. Granted the person having it might not want it but in all reality there is someone out there who wants it so technically every child IS wanted.
This was all funny to me as I sat in my car and saw this bumper sticker. The irony that this couple in front of me had already "picked" their 2 wanted children. How do you explain that to your kids? Sure makes them feel better but how do you explain to your children that it's ok to carry out a process such as abortion and you support it as full heartedly as you do. What if I was the 3rd child? Would you have gotten rid of me? I know it made me think of that as I sat there and made me sad for them. Then the line began to move however at this point this car had been troubled enough pulled over the curve and drove off without placing an order. They were not going have patience with humanity what made us think they would have patience enough to wait for a Taco at Taco Bell. I kind of smirked and waved ,made life easier for me because I was up next and got my lunch a minute later. They may have thought they have all the answers and may go through life thinking they are happy and sparing no convenience. They couldn't even wait in line for a taco. I think this sealed their argument not by me supporting their cause but by making me feel sorry for them. I enjoyed my taco that day. Not sure what they ate but it sure wasn't what they had wanted originally huh?


SAHMinIL said...

Well Said!

+JMJ+ said...


Arley said...

Wow, some people sure have a lot of guts sticking all that crap on their car. I agree 100% with you. How very sad that people feel that way. How are you doing, by the way? Did you have the baby yet?

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! Every life is so precious. Many more tacos to you. :) Prayers for a wonderful delivery. :) Abigail

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