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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Busy Day

Since the weather has been a complete mess out here it's been far and few between the days we can make it outside,at given times out. Today though we braved the cold weather of 16 degrees and made it out to the Library story time. As usual Lo's behavior was questionable but Princess Gigi was very well behaved. Afterward we went ahead and headed to the salon for a haircut for the Lo. Usually The hub gives Mr.Lo a haircut but lo HATES them and usually yells the whole time. So I figured I would make it to the salon and try my luck just the lo,gigi and I. Well lo and behold he let us give him a haircut. Of course the clippers were not allowed (he detests them) but actually sat and let them cut his hair. I couldn't believe my eyes! I guess it's a sign that my little man is growing up. That and it shows that sometimes mommy and daddy have to let others do stuff in order for these two to cooperate :O/.

Miss Gigi At story time.


Cecilia said...

They are just too cute.. I remember the days with Trainboy.. at one time we had 5 adults holding him down for a cut.. no kidding... now he as happy as a bee getting a cut... so with age , and he is only 4 they will grow out of it! God bless your kids!!

Mom E said...

It was much better than before! It's amazing how these little boys don't like haircuts! lol Thank you!!

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