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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why are my beliefs and rights not protected?

While these kids were praying at the World Youth Rally in Spain a group of pro choice and pro gay rights activist were yelling in their faces,making fun of them and degrading them.
Why do they ask us to be quiet when they insist on insulting and yelling at us?
Why do they defend their rights when they attack our rights?
Why do they call us intolerant when we silently proclaim our faith?
Why do they call us names when they are the violent ones?

It seems that all these groups want rights and freedoms yet they turn into animals when we don't agree with their "beliefs"
I am so tired of all these pro-choice,gay right groups that are continuously pushing their agenda down our throats saying it's their freedom,their rights; but where are our rights and our freedom to not accept this lifestyle?
We are considered bigots, racists, inhumane when we don't agree with something that goes completely against MY FAITH & MY BELIEFS!
You know you are at the end of times when What was once right is now wrong and what was wrong is now right. I want MY Rights protected as well and I want my Beliefs protected as well.

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"Never has the devil found such fertile territory upon which to work as in this era when his very existence is denied by so many" - St. Padre Pio