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Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume .2)

Today is Friday and it's not only the start of the weekend but it's also Quick Takes Friday. Which I have linked from the wonderful Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary . This has been a very eventful,exciting and at times painful week....literally.
I start with what is at the top of my mind right now and that's the fact my parents left today back to Florida. The kids are incredibly sad and I'm even sadder. It was so wonderful having my mom here for a month so I have to be thankful for that fact,however, It is always so sad to see them both go. Mr.Lo was very upset and even told his teacher today that we were all moving to Florida to be closer to his grandparents. She asked me after class if we were moving because he was very detailed about a truck,and dada getting a new job. Ahh from his lips to God's ears. Unfortunately though for now we are Midwest residents of "Taxas"(err ah I mean Kansas).
My parents leaving brings me to take 2 which is of course they leave and the whole house gets hit with a stomach virus. Princess Gigi threw up all night and the hub went grudgingly to work after a very bad night of worshiping the porcelain God. I am hoping the lo and bum bum don't get sick but I just took Princess Gigi's toothbrush away from the Bum while she was vigorously brushing her teeth..Oy vey-_-.
I did want to add a few highlights and that's SUNFLOWERS! Yes they are everywhere!!! Tis the season and one of the few perks in living in the Sunflower state is that yes there are sunflowers. In my area we get the smaller kind. I didn't know there were actually 11 types of sunflowers growing in Kansas. The kind in our area is called Helianthus annuus L. — it grows wild all across the state, particularly along the sides of the road and on the edges of fields. Large spectacular patches of sunflowers set the state ablaze in September with a startling display of yellow. It really is impressive. Here are some pics I took on why way out today.
A Kansas Tableau Sunflowers and Corn

Have you seen Rio? If not I recommend it. There are scenes I speed through with the kids due to the scantily cladishness brought through of the Brazilian culture but wow this movie is fun! Here is a clip from the first two minutes. Doesn't it make you want to get up and dance?

Here's a picture of Princess Gigi and "Fuzzy bear" the class pet,below that is a picture of lo and Fuzzy. As you can see Fuzzy had a face lift and growth hormones. Gigi got the "prize"of taking him home first. It's been interesting considering she says that's hers and not giving it back. This is going to be an excellent exercise in Sharing for the little princess and also a great one in realizing not everything is hers!

Darn bees,They've taken over my hummingbird feeder. I posted a neat picture of it Wednesday however I think that they have literally multiplied to unnatural levels. As soon as those darn things leave for the night I am going to have to take the feeder down. It absolutely breaks my heart because I love watching those little birds but I'm scared of one of the kids getting stung by a bee due to curiosity. PS: Bees don't like sharing *their* feeder with the hummingbirds.

Finally, I want to make sure and we all say a prayer for those who died on 9/11 it seems even though the 10th anniversary is coming up as a country we have forgotten. It's being deemed a day of service but I don't think that's fitting. I think it should be a day of prayer. Oh wait we don't seem to do that anymore. Well,in my Utopia I think it should be a day of prayer. Let's not just pray for those who died but for those that they left behind. That the death of their loved one hasn't made them forget the greatness of God and his plan. Hoping that none have lost faith,hope or God during this journey and if they have I pray that it return to them. I still remember that day. It was my first year teaching and it was so hard because I had to stay strong and composed while we watched on tv what has happening. The horror of it all. I remember leaving work that day and for the whole hour of drive I cried, I cried for all those that had died, I cried for their families, for the unknown of what was to come, I cried for what was to come as a result of these attacks and the bearings it would have on our future.Requiescat in pace


michelle @ this little light said...

Oh, your kids are just beautiful. God bless! And RIO?! After The Boy and I saw it I immediately bought the's just so fun!

Conservamom said...

Thank you so much! :)

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