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Friday, September 2, 2011

Lo starts PK4 today!

Mr.Lo started school today. I couldn't help but wonder if it's the last "first day of School"we'll be formally doing since lately we've been toying with the idea of *maybe* homeschooling come next year. As you all know I taught for 8 years however I taught middle /high school and thus the prospect of being completely in charge of helping my little ones learn the basic skills as an emotionally overwhelming idea. My husband is the one that is more gung ho with the idea than I am due to the lack of family help we have around us.
We are super happy with the preschool we placed him in even though it is Methodist and obviously doesn't practice the same Dogma of the Faith that we do,however, I appreciate and value the religious education they are giving (which is basic Bible faith,love of God and Living a Christian life style). This education helps piggy back off of what we are already teaching him and feel it has done wonders to help us on our everyday life and growing with God.
As for the Lo he was extremely excited to start school today and was fully dressed with book bag on back before 7am(school starts at 9).On our way to school we said our prayers to God so that he could help "us"have a great school school year and Angelo thanked God for his new book bag and sneakers. When we arrived at school he was anxious to get down and go to his new classroom. He was especially excited about Lemon the class Gecko that will be part of the group. It's funny how as parents we take the first day harder than the kids do. He went right to where he needed to go with a little redirection away from the toys. I am praying it's a great school year and that he is blessed with a good teacher. We are very excited and feel this is the best decision for him at this point and were very happy with the teacher after speaking to her on Orientation. If this IS his last "formal first day of School" it was definitely a successful one. As for me, I've got the other 2 girls to keep me busy for now ...:)

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