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Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday(1)

I decided to join in on 7 Quick Takes Friday because I thought it would be a neat way to get some "things" off my chest without going into a whole post about it. So here goes...
Today I got a visit from my dad. So excited about this visit. My mom has been visiting for a month and it is so neat to have most of my heart in one place:) One doesn't value your parents until you become one and realize all the hard work they put into every decision they made that you may/may not have agreed with. So very excited to have him here! As well as so sweet to see the kids excited to have family here. It is amazing the what an impact having grandparents is to children. You see such a difference in they're overall being. What a blessing!
I'm 14 weeks and craving snickers.....well no not really but according to Face book I was. There was a silly email circulating for BC awareness pretty much pegging your month of birth (with a particular week October=14 weeks, November=15weeks etc..) and the date of your birth with a candy 13= chocolate mints, 14= lollipops and between these two you had to put and am craving. Of course throwing everyone into a frenzy thinking you were pregnant. I don't usually participate in these silly games but got a kick out of it just because I KNEW the reaction I would get and boy was I right. I had a lot of standard congratulations(which was so nice to see) however, I found some of the answers and emails amusing like: "Are you crazy?""What are you thinking? "or my personal favorite.."you just made my ovaries shrink."anywho not pregnant yet but it's about that time. So if God does bless us with a fourth one it was nice to do a practice run and see the dopey and wonderful comments I'll get.
In the mean time my little "chubby butt" needs to get better about getting up at 5am to go to the gym. Our gym opened up a branch closer to our house and I really don't have a reason to not go except sheer exhaustion which apparently is not a valid excuse for mothers -_-. I was up to 3miles running a few weeks back but after pushing myself so much after reaching that goal I ended up pulling my calf muscle and after walking around like a baby giraffe for a week I am back at it but have only managed to go between 1-2 miles before giving up. Blah...being chunky stinks.
Which leads me to I tried Spinning classes on Monday for the first time. I have to say I understand in theory why it's such a great class,however, this class is not conducive to a woman who has given birth 3 times naturally. Nuff said.
I have to give "mad props" to a dear friend That Honey do list. She really is a super mom. Her husband was on a week long business trip and she still managed to hold the fort up while doing oodles of Do it your home activities including mowing our lawn and building a folding picnic table. When I grow up I want to be just like her....(Pun

Been really toying with the idea of homeschooling next year. I am not hating on our local parish school but don't know enough to comitt and pay the almost $400.00 a month tuition for Kindergarten. It hasn't hurt paying half that for preschool but it has stung but adding that plus the pre-school tuition just seems frivolous. We'll see what the year brings and how many medical bills we can kick out of our belt. I think this week has been one that I've really been considering it and being Ok with the idea not sold just ok.
Finally looking forward to getting to the Farmers market tomorrow and getting some local honey and fresh grown produce. I will definitely have a post on it because I always enjoy some farmers market fun,especially tomorrow since I'll have not one but two people to help with backup :) Have a great weekend everyone, lots of blessings your way!

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