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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RIP Baby Joseph

Baby Joseph Maraachli was born with a neurological disease rendering him in a vegetative state,his parents knew the grim outcome but wanted a tracheotomy done in order to have him come home and live out the remainder of his life there.
The hospital he was at refused and were petitioning the state to have him removed off of his ventilator and in other words *Euthanized*. Being from Canada they were truly at the mercy of the medical field due to the Socialized medicine practiced there. Thank God for Rev.Frank Pavone from Priest for Life he managed to get them transfered to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis,where doctors were able to go ahead and do the tracheotomy and he was able to go home and live out the rest of his days with his family.
This story made me so sad in so many ways,not just because of the little Joseph's prognosis but for the lack of respect in human life shown by those practicing socialized medicine. This was one of many cases in which Doctors try to play God when it comes to medicine and not healers. They feel that they want to be "humane" but how "humane"is it to let someone die through asphyxiation or through starvation.
Shouldn't we know by now not to try and play God? He is a loving God but he is growing weary. God bless those that are able to stand up to these injustices. God bless Baby Joseph's family may they find peace during this sorrow. God bless Baby Joseph,may he now Rest in Peace in God's glory!

1 comment:

Jamie Jo said...

I heard about this a few months ago and then didn't hear anything til now. So sad. He's a saint in heaven. His parents are heroes in their love for their son and all human life no matter what.

Reminds me of the video I posted today, lack of knowledge has to be the problem with people who just don't get that a life is a life and no matter what it boils down to, there's a soul there.

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